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Send a batch of email, IM, SMS or even voice messages with Notifu. The site is designed as a iPhone webapp, but it'll work in any browser. Simply add a list of recipient email addresses, IM handles or text or voice phone numbers and send a message to a group of folks quickly and easily no matter how they prefer to be reached. Your typewritten message will be delivered to callers or voicemail via text-to-speech, and you don't need an IM account to send messages to AIM, Yahoo IM, GTalk or other chat clients. Sign up to register and you can save a set of contacts, get confirmation of message delivery and manage replies. Notifu [via eHub/LifeHacker]

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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : Importance of Safety in Cheerleading Stunts

Thursday, October 23, 2008 by don_mecca

Learn the importance of safety in cheerleading stunts with expert preparation tips from a cheerleader in this free video on advanced cheerleading stunts.
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Basic Cheerleading Stunting : Safety Pointers for Safe Cheerleading

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Safety is important in cheer stunting; falls can be dangerous without mats even for experts. Learn cheer stunting safety from a professional team in this free cheerleading video.
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WARNING: Stolen Copper at Fields

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Thieves did $25,000 in damage to lighting at a soccer association's Pinckneyville fields in Georgia.

Makeshift goals had been erected to accommodate five extra teams from the Tucker Youth Soccer Association. On the sidelines, groups of giggly kids waited their turns on the field while soccer moms and dads mined the crowded green space in search of a place to park their lawn chairs.

The atypical arrangement was caused by thieves who had ripped out copper wiring from light poles at nearby Henderson Park field, causing about $6,000 in damage, displacing teams that practiced under the lights and making the TYSA players the latest victims of a nationwide epidemic.

TYSA fared well compared with its neighboring league, the Gwinnett Soccer Association, whose teams sought refuge at Granite two weeks earlier under similar circumstances. The vandals who hit the GSA's field in Lilburn stole about $100 worth of copper wiring from their field and caused about $8,500 in damage.

Those losses paled in comparison to the $25,000 in damage caused by thieves who hit Norcross Soccer Academy's Pinckneyville complex in Norcross, Georgia.

- Excerpts from CNN article (link below)